Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hattie Purse

Here is my 2nd purse to make!  This is an Alexander Henry fabric that I became obsessed until I finally had a great excuse to buy it: My MIL’s birthday!  Her name is Harriett but to Eliana she is “Hattie” and so The Hattie Purse is born!

There is magenta polka dot binding at the top…

082310 020

Here is a bird’s eye view. The interior is also magenta. It’s got a zipper! And two roomy pockets on the inside.

082310 017

Here is what it looks like closed.  Maybe later I can get a pic of Hattie modeling The Hattie.

082310 012

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ruffled Longhorn Bloomers

Longhorns belong grazing in the cool shaded grass! Don’t you just love burnt orange?

061410 122


061410 123

Love ‘Em?  Get them here.

062410 005

Longhorn Toddler Tank

This is my one-of-a kind best seller and Texas favorite. It is a handmade iron on appliqué that is also machine stitched onto a cool tank top.  Get yours here. It is also available in onesies.

062410 008

What is cuter than pairing this Texas tank with ruffled burnt orange bloomers?

062410 011

Eliana is a very satisfied customer/muse! Her motto is, “It better be as  fun to play in as it is cute.”

062410 017